Great poster and trailer for the best film from 2016, Cameraperson.
The goods here from graphic designer Brandon Schaefer



S.E. Rogie

SIEREA LEONE'S folk musician S.E. Rogie. Great palm-wine guitar music sounds on the whole album.



Field of Magic documentary

A very intimate, beautifully made and heartbreaking documentary from Lithuania I saw at Hot Docs a few years ago. About a community living in the outskirts of a city, living off of the garbage dump nearby. The whole thing is online and is worth the watch.

The Field of Magic:


From its website: 

Sahelsounds is a project begun in 2009 exploring the cultural and musical phenomena of the Sahel region of West Africa. Through field recording, interviews, video, youtube archeology, cellphone data collection, sahelsounds uses archiving to transmit a story. 

 Love these by Mamman Sani. More Sahelsounds here: